‘What To Do With A Million Years’ by Juno Calypso

The artist, Juno Calypso, created a small book to accompany her gallery show, What To Do With A Million Years. Calypso spent time alone in a subterranean luxury bomb shelter and the book is split into four sections, an archive of newspaper clippings of the luxury bomb shelter, pictures of the home, photographs of Calypso embodying the space, and the eerie titled Immortality Archive. When you see the photographs in person you become immersed in the isolation of that bunker space, of erotic space in nuclear bunker space, of a person’s imprint on architecture, and especially the visual language of Las Vegas space which always speaks to elsewhere (and because it’s Las Vegas lacks subtlety). I’ve always read ‘What To Do With A Million Years’ as a short story about one a woman’s subterranean post-nuclear dream house and the artist who went to live there for a while.

Aldgate Press, 2018

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