‘The Skin-Crawlers’ by Ccru

The Ccru were a collective of students, theorists, writers, artists and musicians formed through the philosophy department of Warwick University in the 1990s. Founded by Sadie Plant and then guided by Nick Land, Ccru’s experimental philosophy, writing and performance art influenced artists and thinkers as diverse as Ray Brassier, Howard Slater, Mark Fisher, Hari Kunzru, Jake and Dinos Chapman and the trending theories of accelerationism and hauntology. This short story, in the form of a games manual, riffs on H. P. Lovecraft, Cthulhu mythology, Dick, Burroughs, cyberpunk and Post-structuralism. But it’s also funny in its hyper-arched all-too-aware hipness.

Published in Writings 1997-2003, Urbanomic Media, 2017, and online here