‘Meridian’ by Matthew Turner

Full disclosure: Dodo Ink have published the ebook edition of Other Rooms. But I’m not here to attempt to sell books (though I won’t be offended if you do buy it…) Hesterglock were the first to publish Turner’s triptych of stories and I am envious of them because he is a special talent. Ballard’s influence is evident, though M John Harrison has praised them as “perhaps ‘Ballardian’, perhaps something altogether more human, softened, quotidian.” ‘Meridian’ begins with a funeral, the grief-stunned narrator attempting to right himself by walking all day in a straight line along 0 degrees longitude – “not to delineate a route or line in the landscape, but to register an un-movement; one that wouldn’t highlight the route’s presence in the world of experience, rather carve out its absence.” Like many of Turner’s stories, it explores how environments can be faint shadows of thoughts and relationships before people are fully conscious of their subliminal worlds.

First published in Other Rooms, Hesterglock, 2018. You can read an extract at Minor Literatures