‘When I Die, This Is How I Want It To Be’ by Anneliese Mackintosh

Most of the writers I’ve come across in the last five years I seem to have found, in one way or another, via Twitter. I think Anneliese Mackintosh was one of the first. I went to see her at a spoken word night around the time her debut collection was published. Her performance – and it was a performance – was captivating. Any Other Mouth is semi-autobiographical and it’s clear that Mackintosh isn’t afraid to bleed onto the page.

‘When I Die, This Is How I Want It To Be’ provides instructions for the protagonist’s funeral. It sounds fantastic and terrible and it had me at the wake happening to a soundtrack of the “Top 25 ‘most played’ list on my iTunes”.

From Any Other Mouth. Available to read here or you can listen to Anneliese Mackintosh read it here