‘Cyfannedd-Fach’by Hannah Persaud

A wonderful example of how setting can be seen as a character in itself. Persaud writes beautifully, with just enough descriptive detail to transport the reader to the wilds of Wales. 

Grass winds its way up through the rough surface of the driveway and wind felled trees lattice themselves together like gnarled fingers. 
When she jumps out to open the ninth and final gate, the forest twitches news of their arrival along the length of the valley.

A couple spend the weekend in the crumbling cottage they have bought as a renovation project. Slowly, slowly, Persaud reveals that there is more to this relationship than first thought and that one of them is hiding a devastating secret. 

I love that this story has now formed the basis for Hannah’s wonderful debut novel, The Codes of Love.

First published on Hannah’s blog, Creating Worlds to Wander in, 30 June 2016 here