‘Come Out’ by Hoshi Shin’ichi, translated by Stanleigh Jones

Hoshi Shin’ichi is awesome. I feel like he deserves to be translated into English more than he currently is. He writes these great Sci-Fi short, short stories. This one is a sort of morality tale about the environment (and an increasingly relevant one).

First published in Japanese 1957 and available in the collection Bokko-chan in Japanese. Available here and there online: On someone’s blog here or there’s a weird scanned version here

‘He-y, Come on ou-t!’ by Shinichi Hoshi, translated by Stanleigh Jones

A very strange story that I can’t describe. You just have to read it. Years after I’d come across it in an anthology in some local library, I kept thinking about it, even though I hadn’t noted down the author or the title. I went looking for it again. It took me a while, but here it is.

From The Columbian Anthology of Japanese Literature, CUP, 2005. Also available online here