‘The Drizzle on the Windscreen’ by Manus Boyle Tobin

This second in a duet of Dublin taxi stories is very different, inhabiting the interior world of a homeless taxi driver who sleeps in his car. It is the seamlessness of it that is so impressive. Using a single sentence, it switches between melancholic dreaming and the grim normality of the Dublin streetscape. For the homeless character, the distinction between inside and outside becomes ever less clear. 

has he worked so long that he’s entered this trance, unaware of anything; barely just the steering wheel in his sleepy hands, the pedals at his feet, the windscreen where his eyes appear to have gotten lost upon looking through it, through the drizzle, and the occasional brake lights of other cars, the driver is resigned to sleeping in this same seat, perhaps that’s why his foot is so soft on the accelerator; he has already arrived at his destination

Winner of the Emerging Fiction and overall prizes at the Hennessy Literary Awards 2018 and published in The Irish Times, March 2018 and available to read here