‘Now Showing at the Roxy’ by Harry E. Turner

Harry E. Turner is probably better known for the trove of stories he gave to Pan Horror editor Herbert van Thal, but my favourite story of his is found in the rival series that was edited by Mary Danby. Harry is the most skilled author out there at mixing his horror with comedy, and his stories, more than any other, have influenced my own writing.

‘Roxy’ contains many spoof films such as The Son Of The Thing From The Slime, The Return Of The Curse Of the Hunchback Werewolf, The Nymphomaniac Mummy From 20,000 Fathoms Beneath The Earth’s Crust Meets The Boneless Snakeman, I Was A Sex Mad Teenage Vampire Dolly Bird From Outer Space, Bluebeard’s Journey Into The Intestines Of A Whale, I Was Dracula’s Transvestite Masseur and The Heart Transplant, Voodoo Drug Addict, Thigh Booted Nun Meets Abbot & Costello On Ice – and if that doesn’t tickle your funnybone, you’re probably inhuman…ah!

First published in the 10th Fontana Book of Great Horror Stories, 1977