‘Merde’ by Leos Carax

One of my failings as a person, beyond my poor foreplay technique, my addiction to winegums, and my inability to digest wheat, is my lack of faith in the film anthology. I’ve never been convinced that a series of short films by different filmmakers that are then thrown together can ever truly work. This meant I watched TOKYO! with my arms crossed and a judgemental stare. At least I tried to maintain this stance. Then Leos Carax’s ‘Merde,’ the second part of the film, hit the screen. This short film has an absolutely deranged rampaging performance by Denis Levant as a green-suited wild man, maybe a Godzilla stand-in, storming through the streets, sewers, and screens of Tokyo. Like all of the recommendations I’ve made, ‘Merde’ sustains its special energy until the last scene. If you, like me, are a film anthology disbeliever, start with ‘Merde.’ If you have issues with foreplay please seek professional advice.
A poor quality copy of ‘Merde’ to reel you in: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Tp_sEmTngY

From the anthology film TOKYO!, Liberation Entertainment, 2008

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