‘Why I Killed Myself in Istanbul’ by Mine Söğüt, translated by İdil Aydoğan

“This city has been a man for centuries and doesn’t know how to love women. That is why, in this city, I kill myself over and over again each day. I explode like a bomb; jump off its towers, its bridges.”

Bearing some resemblance to the Netflix series ‘Russian Doll’ where Nadia is struck by a different death in each new episode, in this hard-edged, high-paced satire, Söğüt’s female protagonist leads multiple lives with tragic endings. The story draws attention to how violence against women and femicides have become commonplace. Sadly, since 2008, when this story was first published in its Turkish original, year after year there has been a tangible rise in femicides in Turkey.

Published in Istanbul in Women’s Short Stories, Edited by Hande Öğüt, Milet Publishing, 2012

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