‘The Role of Music in Your Life’ – a questionnaire by Five Dials

I co-teach a module on digital fiction with a friend who is one of the most intelligent people I know, and we disagreed about whether to include this in the syllabus. I was pro, she was con, in part because undergrads don’t want to do questionnaires, and half the battle with young students is getting them on-side. 

But I find the eeriness of this type of experimentation to be exciting beyond words (of course it’s not really a questionnaire), and the text-based adventure nerd in me has a hard time believing anyone wouldn’t become enthralled in this ‘story’. Give it a go.

(Note: I reached out to Penguin Random House for any information about who authored the questionnaire, but received no response. Cue spooky synths.)

First published on Five Dials in 2016. It’s available here

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