I don’t have an academic approach to short stories; I simply love them, as a reader, as a writer, and always have done. I can’t really pinpoint why in an intelligent way. The ones I love the most are quite simple. I don’t know why I like them so much. I don’t think it’s as easily explained as having a short attention span; it can’t be, because you need to pay attention to short stories, because they are dotted with clues and every little word can be loaded. I think it’s more that I’m attracted to the idea that short stories are scenes, moments in time, and in a way that seems like a true reflection to me of the way that life is; a series of moments, collected; little stories, scattered together. The opportunity to create my own imaginary anthology is a rather lovely one, and a real indulgence (thank you, Jonathan). I suppose seeing my choices here altogether makes it obvious, what sorts of themes I’m interested in, which are the themes I explore in my own stories in Things We Do Not Tell The People We Love. I make no apology for the stories I’ve gathered here, that are almost all about longing, and intimacy; love, in all its messiness.

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