‘On a Very Dry Afternoon in Early Summer’ by Madeleine Morris

Morris (better known as her nom de plume @remittancegirl) writes about sex in a way I have never seen. The challenge she takes on here, introducing rape to an erstwhile loving couple (I won’t give away more) twists and undulates in ever-ragged, painful circles, as the story is repeatedly turned in on itself, its characters refusing to become what we want them to be. The story just stands there, staring at the very worst, best – and the most nuanced – aspects of humanity. This is a profound reading experience, not an easy one at all, and I have to take several very deep breaths, even now. I don’t know how Morris held the rudder on this one; no idea how she fine-tuned this truth. The clarity is heart-breaking. I think she’s an astonishing writer, this story makes me jealous, and I’m not sure everyone should or can or needs to read this. If there has ever been need of a trigger warning, this story needs one. But I know I admire the very pores of her for it. 

First published http://www.remittancegirl.com. Not currently available

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